Summit Connections

Product Sourcing

We are your sourcing partners with dedicated experts that understand your company’s culture, requirements and goals. We have helped our customers’ source hundreds of products. We provide our customers with precise knowledge and suitable suppliers with most competitive rates.

Business Funding

SCGT is an innovative business concept where businesses and funding come together to create trust, dedication and efficiency as core values to create business opportunities and growth. SUMMIT CONNECTIONS is for businesses, seeking more efficient and cost-effective ways to trade and get funded at the same time.

Product Development

SUMMIT CONNECTIONS help customers with generating funds and resources to develop new products. Generating Funds, Connecting sources, Private Labeling, market research and studies on custom brand designs for FMCG Products are a few facets SUMMIT CONNECTIONS help its customers with.

Market Adaptation

SUMMIT CONNECTIONS focuses on requirement based modification of products to ensure that the products meet local, cultural and regulatory requirements.

tons of yarn
tons of raw knitted fabric
tons of dyed fabric
tons ready-made clothes